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How to drink more water consistently

What is one of the simplest things that you can do today to significantly improve your health, concentration levels, strength etc. The answer (in the topic) brought you here.

Do you know there is an app for that?........... uhhhhh another one that I need to download and which adds 10 more “ping” sounds to my day??? No thanks.

Drinking more water does not require 10 reminders a day. It takes discipline once a day. Not 10 times a day. The other 9 you can just rely on your sub-conscious mind.

Here is how you do it :

1. Buy a big water bottle (1.5 Litre or more)

2. Fill it up every morning

3. Keep it within the reach of your hand and within your eye sight

Why the big bottle?

Well it is a bug in our psychology- which might have it’s roots in “finish what’s on you plate”. I did this test on myself – I experimented with bottles and even glasses of various sizes. I found – I would just about finish whatever was on my table. Two glasses of water? That’s all I drank! 1 Litre water bottle? 1 Litre it was! 1.5 Litres - all gone! Did it take more work? Nope!! Just brainless reaching out for the bottle –I actually don’t even know when my brain and hand coordinated that one.

But that just means that you have to make more trips to the loo? Yes it does. It is a price you pay to stay adequately hydrated and potentially live longer. You can find the benefits of drinking enough water all over the internet- SO I won’t mention them here.

How do I know if I am drinking enough?

Awesome question! Our required water intake can be a complex calculation – depending on ambient temperature, height, weight, gender, rate of metabolism, your consumption of other fluids etc.

So a simple rule of thumb that you can use? The colour of your urine! Here is a shade card that can help:

Urine colour chart

The darker the colour the more dehydrated you are. The lighter the colour the more hydrated. P.S. One scenario where this rule of thumb does not work is when you are on certain types of medication/ supplements.

Other things to keep in mind:

1. Change your bottle frequently. I have noticed that with prolonged use these start developing salt depositions and even fungal growth.

2. I will be honest and confirm that I do not have sufficient knowledge about potential cancerous consequences of drinking water in plastic bottles. You can always use glass/ steel or other containers if that is something available to you.

So my friends- to drinking more water ….. :)


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