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About Light Box

Light Therapy is considered to be a promising treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder. National Health Services (UK) states that morning exposure sessions of 30 minutes to 1 hour might be beneficial to people with SAD symptoms. Compared to a traditional Light Box which typically cost between $100 - $400 and is not as easy to carry around as your iPhone/ iPad, this app is a cheap and chirpy alternate solution. Research suggests that low intensity blue light (100 Lux) is as effective as high intensity white light (10, 000 Lux) for treating SAD symptoms. That is precisely why we created a specialised low intensity blue Light Box for you! Depending on your Apple device, you can reach light intensity of approx 500 Lux which is sufficiently more than the min recommended 100 Lux. The app also doubles up as a Dawn Simulator, which enables you to set an alarm and choose the colour of your simulated dawn :)

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