About Dawn Simulator

This app helps you convert your phone into a Dawn Simulator & Radio Alarm clock (choose from 500 different stations!).

Dawn Simulator uses a combination of light and sound from your iPhone/ iPad to wake you up. You can:

• Set alarm and wake up to a simulated sunrise

• Set a delay to determine the how long your device will take to reach full brightness/ volume

• Choose the colour of light you want to wake up to

• Choose your favourite radio station to play once the alarm stops. Choose from 500 global options in your favourite language!

• Choose a beautiful night simulation whilst your phone is on standby at night

• Shop for other products to help with sleep/ seasonal affective disorder


• *** FOR DAWN SIMULATION TO WORK - KEEP YOUR SCREEN TURNED ON AND STAY IN THE APP. You must be on the Dawn Simulator tab (which will darken your screen).***

• ALLOW notifications for the alarm functionality to function correctly.

• It will be helpful if you have a docking stand for your iPhone/ iPad to position it in a direction so that it has the best chance to direct max light at your face.

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