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Morning Routines of Winners

The secret to have an amazing day lies in having an amazing morning. Following are some ways in which some incredibly successful people start their day:

  1. Make your Bed: Sounds too simple? It is. This is a wonderful book that builds on one very simple idea. Try it yourself and experience how one simple successful act can set the theme for an entire day and may be life?

  2. Meditate: Meditation is like tooth brush for your mind. Keep it simple. Find your flavour. Practice twice a day. Stick to it for at least 21 days to see the difference. Curious to learn more? Here is a link to one of my favourite books on transcendental meditation (Also practiced by Jerry Seinfeld, Hugh Jackman & Ray Dalio). Happy learning :)

  3. Write a Journal: Clarity is your friend. So is focus. Writing first thing in the morning gives you both. 5 minutes is all it takes. Checkout this wonderful 5 min Journal which can do wonders for your happiness and productivity. You are welcome :)

  4. Exercise: Just getting the blood circulating can really help clear mental fog. Health is a long term game and that is how you should play it. Body for life is a great book which can help you achieve this.

  5. Cold Shower: Cold exposure can boost circulation, immunity and alleviate mood. One of the best books to learn about it is the Wim Hoff Method. Wim Hoff has set Guinness World Records for swimming under ice and prolonged full-body contact with ice, and holds the record for a barefoot half marathon on ice and snow. His ideas and suggestions can do miracles for inflammation. His book is about unleashing your full human potential. I know it sounds uncomfortable and yes you are the best judge. All I am saying is it changed my life.

  6. Music: Try one of the CALM stations in this app. It might just put you in the perfect mood for the day!

  7. Sunshine: If you are lucky enough to have morning sun where you live, getting some early morning rays can have positive effects on your biology. If not, try Light Box to help with early morning blue light exposure.

*Some of the above links comprise of Amazon affiliate links. Using them is totally FREE for you and we might get a commission which will be used to run our Apps.


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