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Using Dawn Simulator

*** FOR DAWN SIMULATION TO WORK - KEEP YOUR SCREEN TURNED ON, PHONE NOT ON SILENT AND APP LOADED ON SCREEN. You must be on the Dawn Simulator tab (which will darken your screen).***

The following article describes how to use the Dawn Simulator within this app:

  1. Click on Dawn Simulator on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. This will cause your screen brightness to reduce and turn dark

  2. Click on “Alarm” button on the bottom right

  3. Set a delay. This is the time your device will take to turn to full brightness/ volume. Please ensure your phone volume is turned to Max so that the alarm sound can reach it’s max level (albeit gradually)

  4. Turn Sound On/ Off. You have the choice to wake up to light only or light accompanied with a sound of birds chirping!

  5. Choose if you would also like the flashlight to turn on during the alarm

  6. Choose the color of light for your simulated dawn

  7. Set the time you would like your alarm to turn ON and click “done”. The time for which the alarm is set will show on bottom bar

  8. Tap anywhere on the screen for the top and bottom bars to disappear

  9. DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR SCREEN OR EXIT THE APPLICATION OR COVER YOUR DISPLAY. (Due to limitations imposed by Apple we are unable to turn your device on if you turn off your screen). If you turn off your screen by mistake you will get a simple notification with a sound lasting 10 seconds. The dawn simulator screen has been purposefully designed to be the deepest shade of black so that even though your screen is turned on, the level of light is reduced to minimum

  10. Ensure the device is NOT set to silent

  11. Put your device on charge and lay it beside the bed. For ideal results let it point towards your face (e.g. by using a docking station or propping it against a book). Also darken your room as much as possible to get the full effect of the App


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