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The formula for habit transformation

This is the core of habit transformation. This article lists the step by step process of conscious habit creation. I personally like to call it "The algorithm for habit formation". I would encourage you to treat every single bullet point as a check box. If you check it, then you are closer to successfully creating your new habit; else you are merely reading in vain.

1. The Discipline (what most of the people don’t have) – How to get it:

a) Define what will you loose if you don’t follow through (The Pain)

b) Define what you will gain if you follow through (The Pleasure)

2. The Knowledge

a) The Right Knowledge (what most of the people do have)- This generally can be obtained by listening to people who are already successfully doing whatever that you are trying to do.

b) The Wrong Knowledge (what most of the people do have as well) - Unless you get rid of the wrong knowledge – you will struggle applying the right knowledge. This generally comprises of incorrect assumptions that you might have unconciously made or false information put in your head by people around you who actually have never done whatever you are trying to do.

c) If unsure about right vs wrong knowledge- Measure the downside and test it. It doesn’t have to be a life long change. Just a reversible change for a week/ or some other fixed duration.

3. The Resources

a) The Money Investment

b) The Time Investment (i.e. your life)

4. The Feedback/ Correction Loop

a) Track Progress - In words of Peter Drucker -"what gets measured gets managed" :)

5. The Process/ Mechanism

a) Create a Ritual (like brushing your teeth)

b) Decide frequency (daily/ weekly)

6. Focus: You need to have great clarity about what the final outcome would be.

7. Training the Unconscious Mind

a) Use Imagination - The more senses you involve the better. So imagine the sight, sound, smell and touch of success. Hint: More often than not - It will take more than once.

8. When you Fail – be kind to yourself. It’s ok. Failing is not a sin. Not trying is. Repeat until successful.


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